Wednesday, 3 December 2014

CRM for NGOs: study case

NGOs management is a lot more complex that non-specialist might think.

Every day activity means: members management, developing on-budgets projects, respecting budgets , etc.

NGOs lack of time because their specific activity is demanding a lot of time. In order to optimize their activity we created this online software customized for NGO’s. This software is called Simple CRM software.

CRM for NGOs

Members of NGOs usually pay a membership fee.

“ Who must pay, how much and when? “ is a question that can be answered with a click, even for NGOs that are having very complex fees scale.

CRM for NGO’s: events management 

Organizing and event or a special activity involves several members, planning management, respecting budget constraints etc.

Simple CRM allows a very easy management of those kinds of projects, with a real view a financial balance based on the specific budget.

CRM for NGOs: files management, subsidies management etc. 

All those activities are simply taking in charge by Simple CRM’s Project Module.

The workload is divided between different participants according to working hours. This workload has three views, a list, a calendar and a Gantt chart.

All Projects’ related documents are centralized.

If there are delays, all task related to the delayed task will be automatically rescheduled base on the task delivery date.


Using CRM software in NGOs is a solution to lighten the administrative work of the workers.

As a CRM reference we recommend Simple CRM.


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